Customer Knowledge

Being relevant for our customer means delivering a specific content to the right target at the right time. For applying this CRM principle, Lavazza embraced the development of a Customer data Platform, a tool which creates an unified customer database where data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile. This data is then made available to other marketing systems.


Main features key points:


·       Data Collection: data upload by our external partners more efficient and easier


·       Single customer profile: for aggregating info, even if they are collected in different moments and touchpoints.


·       Data Enrichment: dynamic KPI generation as preferred coffee type according to purchasing history or declared information (Capsules, R&G, Beans, Instant) or Customer Value according to purchasing value and frequency (Frequent Spender, Occasional Spender, Frequent Buyer, Occasional Buyer).


·       Data Sharing: to make data available for delivering CRM Campaign (Direct Email and Newsletter), personalizing digital asset (websites and landing pages) and optimizing digital media investment.



     Roadmap of implementation:

·       Italy Q4 2019

·        UK,US, DE, AUS, FR: H1 2020